Starcraft II Q&A Batch 47

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The latest StarCraft II Q&A has been released with info about Zerg’s Consume ability, Zerg flying unit’s micro and macro management compared to the original StarCraft, Thor is no longer built by an SCV, Overlords now carry zerg like in the original game,  and more.

Blizzard Quote:
StarCraft II Q&A Batch 47

1. In the original StarCraft, most air units can move and fire, vultures have fast rotating times and can shoot backwards and run forward instantaneously with enough micro. In StarCraft II, there have been some concerns from players who have played the game, that the unit movement animations are getting in the way of micro. Will such animation cancelling techniques still be possible in StarCraft II? – Team Liquid

Both macro and micro-control are very important in StarCraft II as well, and when it comes to micro-control like Vulture

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