Starcraft Ghost: Nova Interview: Feedback Sought

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Starcraft Ghost: Nova
Starcraft Ghost: Nova

We are sending this Monday the questions for a pending interview to Keith R.A. DeCandido.  If you wish to find out more of the upcoming Starcraft Ghost: Nova Novel Pocketbook feel free to submit your questions.  The submissions will be considered and added to the roster of questions for the interview.  We want to make our visitors and community an integral part of our Q&As and interviews.

The upcoming novel will explore the background of Nova, a ghost serving the Terran Dominion leader Arcturus Mengsk.

Keith R.A. DeCandido: “This forthcoming game, Starcraft: Ghost, will be Blizzard’s first first-person shooter. When one plays the game, one is a character named Nova, a highly trained telepathic assassin. My novel, Nova—which will be released when the game is—will give that character’s full backstory: how she discovered she was telepathic, her trials and tribulations after the death of her family, and her eventual recruitment into the Ghost Program. All of this is amidst the backdrop of the ongoing Starcraft game story of humans of the future dealing with two different alien invaders.”

Since the novel book is coming out near the game release, we might assume the release of Starcraft: Ghost the game is in the horizon.  The Novel book, according to DeCandido is a prequel to Blizzard’s FPS Game, Starcraft: Ghost.  Blizzard recently updated a new page showing the story behind the female ghost operative, Nova. Read the Story.

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