Starcraft CGI - Experienced Matte Painters needed

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The Starcraft Chronicles CGI Film requires Matte Painters for backgrounds and characters. The CGI film is a unofficial fan-made project developed for non-profit, and consists of 130+ volunteers.  At least 75 3D-modelers will sculpt what matte painters create.

Team Highlights

We have the honor to have Julie Loomer – Digital Artist of Lucasfilms as volunteer of the project working on matte painting.  J.J. Franzen is volunteer project manager – CGI industry veteran as Technical supervisor of South Park (1997), and Additional Animation of Team America: World Police (2004).  The team also has the volunteer participation of an animator from Everyone’s Hero CGI.  There are few Game Developers and Corporation modelers in the team, as well as college students and graduates.  More details of the CGI here


The Starcraft Chronicles CGI film will include credits of matte painters at the end, and may be used as a show-reel / demo-reel.  To join you may contact me here

As for the quality sought in the CGI film, you may watch the Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon 2005 – Starcraft: Ghost Teaser trailer for comparison purposes:

The Starcraft Chronicles CGI film is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.

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