Starcraft: Brood War Entropy II v1.0 Custom AI

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Entropy sends heads up of his latest Starcraft: Brood War custom AI. You may need to register to the forum to download the AI file. Download it, test it, and offer your feedback.

Entropy Ai is a unique mod that utilizes PYAI’s external jump calls to allow the computer to mix-match and randomly pick from a small database featuring the best non-cheating BWAI scripts. This means the Ai receives NO money whatsoever. While we like to think this Ai is significantly stronger than the default Blizzard scripts, don’t expect some gosu computer to rock your world especially if you play this 1v1. It just isn’t going to happen. Some scripts are designed to be extremely aggressive while others may quick expand or even tech up before doing anything. As such, the Ai will work best as a team drawing support from each other.

Have fun and thnx to all that had enough courage to build a script without the use of the give_money command.

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