Starcraft 2 Fans - We Want Your Feedback

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Karune is asking all fansite communities to share their feedback about Starcraft II Artistic Direction. This is your opportunity to offer your own ideas, or complaints. I am submiting your answers to Blizzard by the end of the month.

December Discussion Topic: Artistic Direction of StarCraft II

Karune: As everyone has already seen, StarCraft II has brought the world of StarCraft into 3D and added many new units, landscapes, and effects that have never been seen before. On this journey of consistent artistic evolution, we have seen Warp Rays changed to escort ships, the infamous Carrier brought back into action, and even the Siege Tank get a makeover. There is still much left to this artistic journey and now is the community’s chance to let us know what you love about StarCraft II visually and what you would change.

Community Questions for Fans:

1. Do you like the new look of the landscapes?
2. How does the Terran faction look visually?
3. How does the Protoss faction look visually?
4. Additional Feedback you would like to give

Please structure feedback as follows, otherwise your post will be removed:

(question you’d like to answer)
(your answer)

(question you’d like to answer)
(your answer)

We are looking forward to some great discussions about the StarCraft II visuals!

Your feedback on Starcraft 2 Art visuals is crucial and important for the Developers. Make your voice count!

View all Starcraft 2 screenshots as reference.

Submit your answers at our following forum thread. All submissions will be forwarded to Karune at Blizzard.

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