Starcraft 2 Beta Closer

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A few days ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced that all World of Warcraft Accounts must be merged with a Account effective November 11th.  Whoever decides not to do so won’t be able to login into the game.  We speculated this was the first phase to enable and integrate the friend list—which in turn means … Starcraft II beta is about to be announced.

The speculation might have some weight after all.  SpikeTV Host Geoff Keighley has posted on his tweeter the following:

“Blizzard is targeting “first half of 2010” for Starcraft II according to Activision earnings call.”

According to him, this was said at the Activision Blizzard Third Quarter Calendar 2009 Results Conference Call.

For those who are still jaw-dropped an unable to catch up, Starcraft II is slated to hit store shelves anywhere between January – June 2010 (which fall into the 2010’s first-half range).  We know it won’t be January or February, but we do know how long beta test lasts.  Considering that range of time—we do know beta is starting very soon. What’s the milestone? November 11th is when World of Warcraft accounts must be merged imminently into a account.

Thus, any day, week or month after this milestone is the day you have been awaiting and craving folks. Let’s imagine that the ideal beta test period of time lasted 6 months, beta would have to start minimum on January or earlier.

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