Sarah McKerrigan: Lady Danger Novel

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Glynnis Talken—voice of Kerrigan in Starcraft—has great news for her Medieval Romance writer career to share with her fans.  Sarah Michelle Gellar has endorsed her first novel LADY DANGER.  We have the cover of her new book to be published by Time/Warner on April 2006.

I have some very exciting news this month.  My agent has managed to garner an endorsement for my first Sarah McKerrigan novel from Sarah Michelle Gellar of ?Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?!  Buffy definitely has something in common with Deirdre, my kick-butt heroine in LADY DANGER.  They’re both beautiful, powerful warriors, tough yet vulnerable.  And this valuable endorsement should help get copies of LADY DANGER flying off the shelves in April!  By the way, if you want a sneak peek at my book cover, visit  The site isn’t really up and running yet, but there’s a splash page for LADY DANGER.

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