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A new section has been opened under our World of Warcraft section:  Roleplaying Fanfics.  It is a list of over 220 Fanfics submitted by fans to our partner forum community

You may submit your very own Roleplaying Fan Fiction—register to our partner-forum and post it at the Roleplaying section. and BlizzPlanet are combining efforts to create a fan-fiction contest pertaining to the realm of World of WarCraft to stimulate the RP Community.

Rules for the contest

  • Simply write about a character of your own creation, or an already existing character to the WarCraft lore.
  • Tag the title of your submission as “Your-Title” [contest] to officially enter the contest. For example: The Feats of an Elven Rogue [contest]
  • Your Roleplaying Fanfic should be lengthy.  Be creative.

The top written story, dependant on aesthetics and storyline, will be awarded a World of WarCraft Roleplaying Game Core Book in PDF file (400 pages) – regularly costing $27.99 in U.S. currency. Pick up a pen or type on that keyboard and write a Roleplaying Fanfic. Happy roleplaying!

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