Rogue Talent Review - First Glimpse

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Drysc revealed details concerning the upcoming changes to the Rogue Talent tree.  First thing Rogue players will dislike is the removal of three talents. However, the list of changes reflect many new features and changes.

Additional to the long list of changes, Drysc also said:
?The effect will allow for increased damage taken from those attacking the target while it is in the Kidney Shot daze, not just the rogue.

Check it out and judge if the changes are worth for you in PvE and PvP.  If the answer is heck yea, Mages and Priests will have to watch their backs, specially when drinking. (grins)

Don’t bother typing a new post. The thread surpassed the limit of 35 pages in 24 hours. The changes won’t be ‘complete’ until 1.12 launches onto live realms after the PTRs. Up to that point we’re going to continue evaluating, testing, and tweaking the changes until we’re happy with them.

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