Queen Alexstrasza & Krasus - Wrath of the Lich King Beta

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Queen Alexstrasza of the Red Dragonflight and her consort Krasus (Korialstrasz) are in Northrend. Yay! Malygos has recruited mages of all races, or more like forced them to accept, to join his magic crusade. Those who answer the call will be spared from the magic purge. Malygos sent these mages to syphon magic from a highborne ruins on the south coast of Dragonblight augmenting the magic through some ley lines and redirecting it into the Azure Dragonshrine. By doing this, Malygos is colllecting massive amounts of magic for a direct assault of the blue dragonflight against all the Dragon Aspects and their dragonflights at the Wyrmrest Temple.

Queen Alexstrasza asks you to help her commander by mounting a red drake to fight at the frontline of this war. You are asked to kill a few blue dragons and blue drakes. Then to destabilize the ley line energies at the Azure Dragonshrine. This will be a daily quest. The UI for the red drake and its flying animations are bugged, but it is in development. The experience of flying a red drake, being able to control it and shoot fireballs, renew, immolate and sprint was exciting. Dragons and drakes were falling left and right. The sky is kinda crowded with all those blue drakes and dragons however. Must be careful and I recommend flying as low near the ground as possible. As you will see in the video I aggroed a lot of them and I was forced to flee at warp ten with the sprint-like ability.

Meeting Queen Alexstrasza and Krasus was priceless. It is a long quest-chain if you want to get to see them. Horde players have to go to Agmar’s Hammer in Dragonblight to talk to the Image of the Archmage Aethas Sunreaver (Kirin Tor) at Agmar’s chamber. He starts the quest chain by sending you off to investigate Moonrest Gardens and to bring back a letter from one of the Mage Hunter corpses. The first quest is named Rifle the Bodies. I assume the Alliance version of this quest chain starts with Archmage Modera at Star’s Rest (south of Agmar’s Hammer). The quest chain ends with meeting Alexstrasza at the top of the Wyrmrest Temple. You are asked to talk to Tariolstrasz who sends you on top of a drake to fly you up there.

To my surprise there are some familiar faces alongside Alexstrasza. Three ambassadors of the other dragonflights: Chromie (Bronze), Lord Itharius (Green) and Nalice (Black).  Itharius is from the Eranikus quest. He was formerly located at the Itharius cave southwest of Swamp of Sorrows. Chromie is from the Darrowshire quests, she is near Uther’s tomb in Western Plaguelands. Nalice is the only one that doesn’t ring a bell, besides Nalice sounding a lot like Malice. Each of these ambassadors give you a quest to help their own dragonflights. The one that made my eyebrow rise in expectation was from Chromie. Apparently this quest will reveal who the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight is. More later. Check out the Alexstrasza screenshots, quests, and video (at the bottom). As usual, tell your friends, forum buddies and guild members to visit Blizzplanet for Wrath of the Lich King beta updates. At some point, Blizzplanet will be giving away WotLK Beta Keys via contest.


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