PTR 2.4 Push 3 - Buggy Pets

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PTR 2.4 got its third update download today.  The Sunwell Plateau dungeon has been reopened. However, there are a few bugs introduced in this update. Do not get anywhere near the Undercity elevator. You will get stuck there for a while.  It took me 12 disconnects before I was able to move away from the elevator room.

The most exciting bug is that all pet companions and Hunter pets’ scaling has been increased accidentally as reported by Hortus in the official forums. The pet companions are now taller than the players.  I hopped into PTR again once I read this pet bug at WoW Insider.  WoW Insider says fans should enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t worry.  After the bug is fixed you will still be able to make your pet bigger than normal.  How?  Few days ago, I posted a press release sent to me by Upper Deck.  Upper Deck is launching World of Warcraft TCG: Servants of the Betrayer expansion set on April 2008, which includes new Loot Cards.

The Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit Loot Card will do a similar effect to your pet companion as currently seen in PTR 2.4 servers.  Recently, a Blizzard representative said Patch 2.4 would be on PTR servers for a lengthy time. If the release of UDE’s new expansion set is to be considered as a clue, the patch could go live nearing April. Video and Screenshots below.



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