PTR 2.3 - David Copperfield Priest Bug

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Fishknuckles @ Staghelm reported a serious-business issue affecting Warsong PvP matches.  Priests are overpowered, but not because the amount of damage they do.  Some priests have been exploiting a bug that allows them to disappear while holding the flag with a vanishing act.  Now you see the Priest. Now you don’t.

Fishkuckles showed videos to Hortus at the PTR forums.  If he hadn’t shown the videos, it would have been unbelievable. He is targeting the priest with the flag, and out of nowhere, poof.  Nowhere to be found.

The second priest exploit is mind controlling players and causing them to path into dropping through the ground and falling through the sky to their death.  Blizzard is looking into this.



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