Project Revolution Interview @ SCLegacy Soon

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I was invited by Cooler, from Snowflake Entertainment, to an interview on IRC chat.  SCLegacy had invited them for an interview to discuss details of Project Revolution (the Warcraft III mod that recreates Starcraft in 3D). It was in this interview that the team revealed that as far as the demo (recently released), the mod development is done. Due to engine constraints and limits it is nigh impossible to finish the Zerg and Protoss races.  The mod demo, nevertheless, contains the Zerg and Protoss unit models for viewing pleasure. The Terran race is finished, but needs some bug fixes.

There might be further development if the team gets more talented people.  Their demo will get future patches, to fix bugs, balance issues and tweak certain “models / animations” as needed.

One of my questions in the interview was why there was no German, Italian or other languages support for the demo installer.  Their answer was they do not own those CDs. I had to agree it was a good reason, as they would have to know the directory paths of each file in order to make an installer.  Nevertheless, if someone skilled in the ways of modding has the Italian, French, German or other language versions of Starcraft and/or Warcraft III—Snowflake Entertainment said—are invited to join the team, and gladly will work on a demo installer/loader.  Mac OS X programmers are also welcome. Just contact someone from their team via forum:

Keep your eyes on SCLegacy‘s News Headlines to read the interview transcript.

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