Possible Patch 2.4 News Mistake/Correction

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I think I have to apologize for a newspost. A couple of fans have emailed me with concern.  One of them suggested the forum thread was necromanced, meaning an old thread that was bumped.  In fact, the quote itself doesn’t mention patch 2.4 at all.  Sadly, I forgot to link the source, so I am not able to find it now to verify whether it is true that a portion of patch 2.4 has been released via Background Downloader.

I won’t bother Blizzard asking if it was or not truth, as they are pretty busy with patch 2.4, D.I.C.E. and the upcoming 2008 GDC San Francisco. So I will just cut it clean and apologize now.

Update: After digging the forums, confirmed it was an old thread from back on November, but wait, not this past November.  This was a thread posted on 2006… two years ago. And as you may see at page 14, other fans are pissed for falling for the necroed thread too. /slaps-self for not checking dates.

I keep hearing whispers however that patch 2.4 was meant to be released yesterday Thursday, and got delayed due to server issues.  Last night, there was some strange server disconnect with dungeons down for a while. So … who knows.  Maybe the whisper may have some merit. (Rumor)

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