PCGamer - Starcraft 2 Protoss Units Unveiled

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Somehow a gameplay footage from PCGamer August 2007 has made its way into YouTube, previewing some of the Protoss units.  The video is barely 2:30 minutes.  Purchase the PCGamer August 2007 issue for high-definition video on its attached CD and the article showcasing exclusive details of Starcraft II.

The Protoss Units:

– Soul Hunter
– Phase Cannon
– Tempest
– Twilight Archon

The Soul Hunters seem to be robotic units that cause heavy damage to buildings. Thirteen of them destroyed this Terran Command Center in under ten seconds.

Phase Cannons can be moved around the map and get their way through the enemy base.  Probably a good strategy to kill enemy SCV and Drone units which are collecting minerals; as well as essential for harassing tactics.  The phase cannons look like Warcraft III Wisps when they phase to slide across the terrain.

The Tempest is another version of the old Protoss Carrier with enhanced shields.

Twilight Archons seem to have the stasis ability of Arbiters if I watched correctly.  It is probably the Tempest is who did stasis field in that gameplay video.

I will share more once I get ahold of the magazine.

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