PCGamer August 2007: Starcraft II Cover

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PCGamer August 2007 Edition magazine will feature a front cover of Starcraft 2 followed by an article squeezing as much info from the developers as possible.  Before heading to South Korea, PCGamer claims to have been invited to visit Blizzard Headquarters at Irvine. Check out the Scope …

PCGamer: “After a 9-year absence, the Protoss, Zerg, and Terran forces are battling it out once again, this time in a beautiful, fully 3D world. We didn’t just go to South Korea for the announcement—no, we went to Blizzard before the announcement and sat down with SC2’s project leads to pick their brains, see the game in action, and get exclusive screens and details on new units that you won’t read about anywhere else. And, much like the July issue, you’ll probably want to opt for the disc-edition because we’re planning to pack it with exclusive StarCraft II gameplay footage. If you don’t think you can wait a month, head over to pcgamerpodcast.com right now and listen to the PC Gamer Audio Podcast, Episode 83—it’s all about our trip down to Blizzard and our thoughts on StarCraft II.”

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