PC Action to Unveil Cover Tomorrow

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PC Action will be unveiling the Front Cover of next issue tomorrow. Those who are just catching up, I am referring to the PC Action reply to my recent newspost where they tease Diablofans.com about the Diablo 3 Rumors.

Keep watching this thread:

There should be the cover and content of the new PC Action tomorrow when the new issue hits the subscribers.

UPDATE: I heard from LinkX, that the so teased cover was about Civilization IV. I haven’t confirmed it. Other fan mentioned it was about Fallout 3.  I will update once I get a definite answer. If it was not about Diablo, then PC Action shouldn’t have teased so much clues such as Ring of Fire and the Wolfgang Petry lyrics which end with:  HÖLLE HÖLLE HÖLLE (Hell). In that case, PC Action can go to HÖLLE HÖLLE HÖLLE.

UPDATE (June 17): A PC Action representative confirmed the next issue comes out on June 18 with a big … CALL OF DUTY 5 Exclusive.

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