Patch 2.4 on March 25th?

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Apparently Patch 2.4 might be out tomorrow March 25th.  There hasn’t been an official confirmation.  However, on the UI & Mods forum a thread by a fan was stickied.  Could that be taken as a hint? I was told by Lyquid that UI Mod get heads up from Blizzard to prepare and update the mods before patch day.  Whether that’s true or not, it is a good thought.  Patch tomorrow?

I recommend clicking the backgrounddownloader.exe file in your WoW folder after your raid tonight so that you can download the first 251MB in case you haven’t.

UPDATE: Seems it is true.  Fileplanet and Gamespot have patch 2.4 out for download few hours ahead of time. It is 9pm EST at the time of this post. EDIT: The file they have is an upgrade from 2.0 to 2.4. (We are on 2.3.3) Recommended to wait until patch is released. Mirrors will be available thereafter.

UPDATE: It’s 10pm. It now sounds official.

Drysc: The doors to the 2.4 Public Test Realm and Tournament Test Realm are now closing. We wanted to thank everyone for their participation and bug reports, and we’ll see you on the live realms!—source

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