Patch 2.3 - Zul’Aman on PTR on October

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Yes! Yes! It’s coming.  Zul’Aman will be available on patch 2.3 PTR first week of October, according to Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan. (Source)

Bornakk: Tigole posted yesterday that we hope to have Zul’Aman on the PTRs in early October. From there we can begin testing this exciting new dungeon along with many fun changes/features we are including in the patch.

For Alliance players on PvP Realms concerned with the ganking fest at the Quel’Thalas zone-in, there seem to be plans to give access to Alliance players to Zul’Aman. (source)

Nethaera: We do have plans in the works to make sure that we can get Alliance players access to this area and the Sunwell Plateau as well. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more information on this since there is still some work in progress in this regard.

PvP realms will always have more activity in these hotspot areas no matter how you get there, but we will get you there just the same.

Blizzplanet’s Draiken got some Zul’Aman Bosses screenshots from Blizzcon’s Press Kit. Go take a look at them.

For those who missed it, this is what you should expect in Zul’Aman:

-Zul’Aman will be a 10-person raid zone

-Zul’Aman will be on a quicker reset than 7 days (some might call this “casual”)

-Zul’Aman will be MORE difficult than Karazhan and drop better loot (some might call this hardcore)

-Zul’Aman will feature 6 bosses and it’s our goal that you can kill them all in one night—perhaps 2-3 hour clear times (some might call this casual)

-Zul’Aman will not have a key requirement. Nor will it have an attunement quest (some might call this casual)

-Zul’Aman will have a VERY challenging timed quest for those who choose to participate in it. This *will be* hardcore and will be very rewarding. Players do not have to engage in the timed run (very similar to the Baron run in Stratholme)

-We’re tuning the first boss in Zul’Aman to require less raid coordination than some other raid bosses. He will still hit very hard so you’ll need to be geared properly but it won’t take 15 minutes to explain the fight. It will be a simple yet challenging fight. The other boss fights get more complex and challenging from there. If players want a basis of comparison, imagine the tuning of ZA started around Nightbane/Prince difficulty and ramped up from there.

Zul’Aman is a very cool looking zone. It will feature brand new troll models—Forest Trolls. They are very impressive looking. There will also be a large amount of brand new item art in the zone. We’ll get screenshots of this out soon.

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