Patch 2.3 Highlights

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It is worth noting that the highly anticipated 2.3 patch currently on the PTR’s is continually being updated.
Some notable new changes include:

New Hunter Volley Animation:


Wintersaber Trainers reputation increased:

Changes to Alterac Valley:

Just as a quick update to this, I have updated the opening post with some further changes planned for the 2.3.0 PTR:

  * If a side controls a mine, then every 45 seconds they will gain 1 supply. If they control both mines, then they’ll get 2.
  * No side can ever have more than the max number of supplies (currently the max is 600)
  * The Herald yell text for taking a mine includes a line about getting reinforcements for owning it.
  * The 45-second ticker is on an independent timer (i.e. the first “+” a side gets for controlling a mine won’t be 45 seconds after they take it. It’ll be somewhere between 1 and 45 seconds—whenever the ticker ticks).

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