Patch 1.12 bugs

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Blizzard has stickied a recollection of known bugs affecting the game in patch 1.12 gathered by Anvilbeard from Prophecy Guild.



  • Eating and drinking is interrupted in Eastern Plaguelands due to PvP events.
  • Silithyst dust cloud does not trail behind an affected player but instead trails off to the side. This is caused by an error with the cloud’s art file which will be corrected in the next patch.

Spells, Talents, & Abilities

  • Certain effects that proc off of spells can be resisted despite having 100% chance to be applied.
  • Escape Artist does not always dispel Crippling Poison – Probably not a bug, with both Escape Artist having a chance to fail, and Crippling Poison having a (talented) chance to resist it.
  • Characters still ‘groan’ if they fall even if they took no damage.
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