Patch 1.11 - Undocumented Patch Notes

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THe following are few of the Undocumented Patch Changes in Patch 1.11 – more will be updated as they are reported:

?Bank background changed
?Auberdine inn has more benches, decorations and book cases everywhere inside buildings. Possibly the whole world buildings.
?All bank bags open when you open bank
?When performing Expose Armor, a smaller shield animation appears over the rogue’s head, regardless of miss or hit
?Buffs cast upon a stealthed rogue do not show a graphic/animation.
?Whenever a warlock casts a fear you hear a laughing noise directed at you.
?Druid’s Cat form:  Claw has new sound effect.
?Bags that you are carrying now have a brown background when opened and bags that are in your bank have a gray background when opened. This will allow a player to more easily tell the difference between a bag they are carrying and one that is in their bank.
?New Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) loading screen.
?New Deeprun Tram loading screen.

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