Ouro Hotfixed

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Blizard is tuning up Ahn’Qiraj to make the event more reasonable.  The event was highly ignored or avoided by hardcore guilds

We’re in the process of hotfixing Ouru. We’re going to make 3 changes to address tuning issues with the encounter due to its difficulty.

  • Ouru’s “uptime” will be increased before submerging.
  • The scarab damage is being reduced.
  • The cooldown between Sandblasts has been increased.

These changes should bring the encounter closer to the intended difficulty.

In Patch 1.11 we’re going to add a quicker way for players who have defeated the Twin Emperors or Ouru to get back to where they were in the case of a wipe out.

More details to follow. Patch 1.11 is still a ways off. Internal testing has begun. The next step after that will be public testing on the PTR’s.

We fixed a bug which was causing the Giant Eye Tentacles to still spawn during C’Thun’s weakened state in the second phase of the encounter. It’s not intended for anything to be spawning during his weakened state. Please note, however, that if there are already spawns up during the weakened state, they will not despawn. This fix merely prevents *new* tentacles from spawning during that state.

Also, the duration between alternating tentacle spawns has been slightly increased.

These changes should now be live, worldwide

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