Ogri’a Quests: Wrangle More Aether Rays

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In upcoming days, I will be posting few videos focusing on the ten daily quests that provide fans with a nice influx of gold.  This will enrich and enchance the economy of the game.  Are you spending tons of gold in repairs with those Gruul, Serpentshrine caverns, Tempest Keep: The Eye, Karazhan raids?  You don’t earn enough from your profession?  Need to buy an enchanting or gems or materials and don’t have the cash flow?

Blizzard Entertainment introduced recently the ten daily quests.  Each quest gives you 11 gold and 99 silver, for a total of 120 gold per day.  Some quests are simple enough to solo.  Others might require a group.  Today I present the simplest quest which require you to search around Ogri’la—located at the Vortex Pinnacle (reachable only by flying mount) on the western Blade’s Edge Mountains.  You become a Cowboy wrangling Aether Rays with your lasso.  There is a unique animation of you taming the mob with a lasso, and afterwards the Aether Ray follows your character hooked by the lasso. Many have already played Ogri’la quests, while others haven’t given it a try. It will seriously improve your economy to do these daily quests.  In a month you will have 1,200 gold.  If you don’t have the Burning Crusade expansion, hopefully this will be of your interest.  Watch the video.  More coming soon.  Quest text and images can be found here.

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