Official Wow: TCG site launched!

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The official site of the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game (TCG) has been launched. Upper Deck entertainment has added a few pages on the sections of the site. We are confident it will be updated often. I will make sure to post news whenever there is an update to give you a heads up.  The Wallpapers section offers three downloadable images of the Tauren Shaman, Undead Rogue and Gnome rogue.

The Art Gallery contains four images by artists: Jeremy Mohler and Matt Dixon. Both Artist profiles are also available.

The Events schedule shows UDE will showcase the TCG at
Gen Con Indy – August 10-13
Spiel Essen – October 19-22 Germany
Gen Con So Cal – November 16-19

Seems there is no Salt Lake city tournament pre-Gencon Indy. At the Official forum, Scott Elliot said: “The game will not be live at Gen Con Indy, but there will be opportunities to see actual game play. Organized Play should be in full swing by the time Gen Con So Cal rolls around, though. There is no Sneak Preview planned in Salt Lake City for any time before the launch of the actual game. I believe what you are referring to was a joke taken from an interview with Cory Jones.

In the upcoming weeks and months you can expect to see information about World of Warcraft TCG Demos, Tournaments, Launch Events, League Play, Promotional Items, Premier Events, Judge Program, and anything else related to OP.”

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Below is the Product Description page and images:

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