No Wow II … could mean Diablo MMO?

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Frank Pearce – Senior Vice President – was interviewed by Gamasutra.  Very interesting replies you should read up. The interview spans through five pages.  Among those questions, he was asked if Blizzard is considering a World of Warcraft II.  Frank Pearce plainly it’s not in the foreseeable future.

With that said, and taking that in consideration, fans may now speculate what the Next-Gen MMO job openings of late might be all about:

a. Diablo MMO
b. Starcraft: Ghost Next-Gen Multiplayer
c. New Intellectual Property (IP)
d. Starcraft MMO

Read what Frank Pearce said:

Gamasutra: Do you think there will be a need for a World of Warcraft II? Or will it just be expansions for a long time?

Frank Pearce: The game’s only been out for about 2 1/2 years. So I think for the foreseeable future it’s going to be expansions as it relates to World of Warcraft. We haven’t even thought about the idea of a World of Warcraft II. I mean, we are all really invested in the game ourselves as well, we’re part of the community, we play the game. And we love it and we want to make sure that it has a long lifespan.

Note: I have been busy with real life stuff, and later transcribing the Knaak interview.  So I haven’t been checking on news headlines in the past two or three days.  I did see this news of Gamasutra over at – so thanks buddies. However,” target=“_blank”>AtoM emailed me a heads up and reminded me to share it.  Thanks to both.

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