Nightbane Strategy

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Nightbane is a skeletal dragon you can summon at the terrace in Karazhan.  The entrance to the terrace is beneath the ramp next to the backdoor (second entrance of Karazhan).  The quest starts after doing most of the Violet Eye quests after returning the Journal of Medivh.  You are sent by the Violet Eye to Area 52 where an NPC asks you to obtain two books from Netherkurse (Shattered Halls Heroic) and the first boss of Sethekk Halls (Heroic).  She will give you an urn item that serves to summon Nightbane in Karazhan.

Nightbane should be summoned at the center of the terrace.  The Main Tank should position him so that his fire breath faces the outer-wall of the terrace so that it won’t affect players.  DPS players should watch their threat meter if they have the add-On. Players that aren’t melee shouldn’t stand anywhere near Nighbane. He cleaves.  Every 30-40 seconds he will make some areas of the terrace become charred.  Watch your feet.  You will get a fire debuff that alerts you.  Make sure your spell detail option at the video settings is set to max.  Otherwise you won’t see the black-and-red graphics beneath your feet. Only the smoke.  Every 20-30 seconds he fears all players.  Try to stay far from the charred areas because fear will make you run on them, causing damage to your character.

Nightbane has three phases in which he goes airborne.  Your leader should ask the raid to run toward the main tank. Stack together.  Three skeletons will spawn.  Your paladin should buff himself with the ability that increases holy threat: Righteous Fury.  Turn on concentration aura.  Start spamming flash heals to catch aggro.  Plate withstands these attacks better than cloth players.  Keep your melee and paladin alive. Make your heavy melee players engage them to maintain aggro.  Priests and Paladins should dispell the debuff from Nightbane’s breath when he is airborne.  Once the skeletons die, everyone should move back to their former positions.

Some raids usually have problems when Nightbane lands, as he aggroes a distant player and wrecks havoc since the main tank is left far behind, away from Nightbane.  There is a way to counter this.  Since the Paladin is still buffed with the holy threat ability: Righteous Fury, spam flash heals on the tank when the skeletons are about to die and after they die.  This will rise the paladin’s threat. The paladin should stay near the main tank.  Nightbane will land on the Paladin, at which point he should bubble up with a Divine shield (5-minutes cooldown) or Blessing of Protection (3-minutes cooldown). Main Tank should taunt to keep aggro.

Most of the times Nightbane will land and stay with the tank without charging players.  It is a long encounter.  Bring super mana potions, and bring druids to innervate your priests. Holy Paladins can spam flash heals to conserve mana and endure the whole event.  Trinkets I use for this event are the Bangle of Ending Blessings (drops from Warp Splinter – Botanica) and Pendant of the Violet Eye trinket (from Shade of Aran).  Both have around two minutes cooldown.  Alternate using Divine Illumination.  And in case the paladin runs out of mana, a super mana potion. A shadow priest as mana regen battery and Shaman Mana spring are very helpful too.

This is a very long fight, but easy once you master each phase and are cautious to not stand on the charred areas casted by Nightbane. MP5 gear and jewels are recommended on healers.  At the time of this video I had T5 shoulders from Void Reaver (Tempest Keep: Eye), T4 Leggings (Gruul) and T4 Gloves (Curator) and around 170 mana MP5 while casting and over 11,700+ Mana fully buffed.

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