Next-Gen MMO is not World of Warcraft 2

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VideoGamer interviewed Frank Pearce, Blizzard Executive VP of Business Operations.  Pearce denied development of a World of Warcraft sequel. Unless he is playing the Starcraft 2-not-in-development denial-card, this could mean the Next-Gen MMO in development is either a Starcraft, Diablo or new IP project.

VideoGamer will publish the interview with Pearce next week. For now they have a preview of what transpired in the interview.

Frank Pearce: “We haven’t even started to think about a sequel,” he said. “The team still has a huge wishlist of exciting features to add on top of what’s already been implemented since launch. Not to mention, we’re all still playing the game pretty heavily ourselves, and there’s a lot more content that we want to see as players.”

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