New York Comic Con 2008 - DC Wildstorm WoW Comic Book & Action Figures

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DC Comics released many photos of their team and products at the New York Comic Con in the Javits Center.  I gathered some of the photos for you below. If you wish to see the whole coverage go to the DC Comics press Page. I was able to see Jim Lee, but couldn’t get to talk to him. There was an immense line up of fans waiting to get their comic books signed by this famous artist. I was standing within handshake distance. Hopefully, next year.  There may be a chance I will be interviewing him in a few months. I have exchanged around three emails with him since weeks before the World of Warcraft comic book was announced officially by DC Comics. Blizzplanet alerted the Blizzard community, Newsarama and Kotaku of the making of the comic book … ten days before the official announcement.

I walked to the DC Comic huge area at New York Comic Con. It was packed with people. I went there to take a look at the DC Unlimited World of Warcraft Action Figures to bare witness of how they look like “on-your-face”. I was left in awe.  They look far much better than in any high-quality photo. Metalic colors, complex textures and details.  Even the figures that look less appealing in photos, simply looked superb in close range. The king of the hill among the figures, my opinion, was the upcoming December 2008 massive Tauren. That thing was huge and bulky in comparison with any of the other action figures. I am very sure it will be sold out before release date if they set pre-orders. Below are some photos from the DC media shown at the official website. Walter Simonson, who I interviewed a few months ago, was at New York Comic Con.

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