New PvE/PvP Realms

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New realms have been made available today:

On Friday, March 31 at 12:00 PM PST, we’re opening the following new realms on brand-new hardware! If exciting new beginnings interest you, don’t miss this opportunity to create a character on one of the realms listed below at noon PST tomorrow and begin anew your Azerothian adventures.

Ysera – PVE
Dentarg – PVP
Andorhal – PVP
Executus – PVP

Please also be aware that the following list of realms is on the new Optetron hardware as well. Enjoy!

Anetheron ? PVP
Duskwood ? PVE
Haomarush ? PVP
Scilla ? PVP
Steamwheedle Cartel ? RP
Turalyon ? PVE
Ysondre – PVP
Zuluhed – PVP

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