Merry Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa 2007

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Merry Christmas to the fans community, Blizzard developers and Blizzard Community Managers. Hope it is a pleasant, peaceful and joyful holiday.  It’s a time for meditation, to look within oneself, as much as of sharing with those around you. In spanish, Christmas is translated into “Navidad”, previously known as Natividad (Nativity), a word that changed from more ancient language: latin.  A commemoration of “the birth”, in reference to the birth of Jesus at a stable.  He wasn’t born among riches, or palaces.  He was born poor and humble among men.  Rich within, surrounded by love.  A celebration which started as far back as the 4th Century in Constantinopla. (read more at Wikipedia in Engish or Spanish).

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate Kwanzaa.  It is a pan-african celebration which started in 1966-1967 as a commemoration of the african legacy.  The holiday is celebrated throughout a whole week starting on December 26 until January 1 with Pouring of wine, and candle-lightning, and culminates with a feast and gifts. It is a good time to read more about what friends celebrate, other than your own beliefs. (read more)

Hanukkah or “Festival of Lights” is an 8-days Hebrew celebration commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.  1 Maccabees states: “For eight days they celebrated the rededication of the altar. Then Judah and his brothers and the entire congregation of Israel decreed that the days of the rededication…should be observed…every year…for eight days. (1 Mac.4:56-59) (read more).

Happy Holidays!

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