Knaak Fans Chat supporters - List of Sites linking to the interview

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The following websites and Blizzard Fan Sites supported Blizzplanet’s interview with Richard A. Knaak.  We are honored with all these sites because they were a fundamental part of our efforts to transmit to fans world-wide, through Asia, Europe and America, the wonders of Richard A. Knaak’s work. The awesome trilogy books will further enrich the Warcraft lore and history. War of Ancients: Well of Eternity is a Must-have book.  Pre-Order War of the Ancients Book one Here

List of Sites linking to Interview (Gamona) Thanks (WC3 modding) (Starcraf/Warcraft 3 Modding) (sc/wc modding) (Mac Community Radio) (Gamespy) (Warcry) (Germany) (Germany) (Germany) (Switzerland) (Portugal) (China) (Phrozen Keep best D2 modding site) Newspost here (Sweden)

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