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We are nearing a public interview with Jeff Grubb, concerning Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  The interview will take place at our Forum partner IRC chat.  I will provide details as soon as they become available.  For now, I wanted to tell fans of Jeff Grubb, of his latest project. This may be exciting to some Pokemon Collectors in Europe and Asia, sans-USA.

So, this morning, 1 AM (local time)/10 AM (in Germany), at the Essen Toy Fair, Pokemon-USA announced that it was releasing a new Pokemon Trading Figure Game in Europe and Australia (Not America, yet). At that time, we also announced the web site for the game, at

Did I create this game? No, it was the work of Pokemon TCG creators. Did I do the graphics? Nay, they were the work of Rick, our graphics designer. Did I do the writing? No, that was done through the Marketing Department and edited ably by Mike. Well, how about uploading the entire beast? No, that was done by Eric, our Web Tech Guru.

So what the heck did I do? Monitoring everything that happened, tracking down resources, making corrections, keeping people updated, talking to people, and keeping folk from jumping out of windows as we kept adding features. You know, that management thing.

And I feel pretty accomplished by it all.

More later

If you want to read a funny as heck blog made by Jeff Grubb concerning the theft of his Trash can, go read it here, under October 13-entry.  We also added a new section where you can read a mini-bios and bibliography of Jeff Grubb.

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