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IGN Editorial has pulled together a very informative and comprehensive guide to the Zerg race in Starcraft 2.  This guide does name and describe each building and unit, offers a hands-on gameplay description, a First-Look preview, Screenshots and Video gallery.

The most important thing that Zerg players should know about this new encarnation of Starcraft in 3D is that drones no longer morph into anti-ground and anti-air buildings such as Sunken Colony or Spore Colony.  There can be only one Queen anywhere in the map. The Queen will take care of anti-ground and air enemies replacing those two buildings as the new defense system. The Queen can be created once you have a Spawning Pool.  Additionally, the Queen lays eggs that will spawn automatically when the enemy approaches the base.

Zerg Units

  * Hydralisk
  * Lurker
  * Zergling
  * Baneling
  * Overseer
  * Overlord
  * Queen
  * Drone
  * Larva
  * Roach
  * Nydus Worm
  * Infestor
  * Mutalisk
  * Corruptor
* Ultralisk

Thanks, -.SwordPhoen.- for the heads up.

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