IGN Interviews Blizzard - 10 Years of Starcraft

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The 10th-Anniversary of Starcraft isn’t over yet … IGN has a cool and friendly interview spanning three-pages in length with Frank Pearce (Blizzard VP of Business Operations), Samwise Didier (Blizzard Senior Art Director) and Chris Sigaty (Starcraft 2 Lead Producer) to talk about the ten years of Starcraft. Read the full interview.

IGN: So you’re making StarCraft II. How are you going to make sure that it lives up to the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of the original? Here’s a game that’s been played for 10 years by millions and millions of people. That’s a bit scary, isn’t it?

Frank Pearce: That’s something that we’re strangers to. We had people asking us the same thing when we were making Warcraft III, and we’re pretty proud of the experience that we delivered with Warcraft III. And this is the same development team, there’ve been some changes on the team, but at its core it’s the same development team that was responsible for Warcraft III. There’s a handful of developers on the StarCraft II that were on the original StarCraft team. We’ve got really seasoned veterans making StarCraft II, and we have complete faith in their ability to deliver a top-notch experience. It’s not something that scares me; I don’t think it’s something that scares these guys either.

Chris Sigaty: No, I totally agree that we’re not scared about that, but I do think that StarCraft II has very unique challenges because of those expectations, and it’s certainly an interesting tightrope walk that we deal with this particular product than anything else that I’ve been a part of in the past; because of that rabid love for the original product.

IGN: Would you be surprised if people were still playing StarCraft 10 years from now, on the 20th anniversary? Large numbers of people?

Chris Sigaty: I’ll be surprised if computer systems can go to that lowest-common denominator and actually run the game properly…

Frank Pearce: You’ll have to play that on an emulator probably.

IGN: Or probably on a cell phone at that point.

Frank Pearce: Yeah, you might need an emulator on the cell phone to play it. [laughter]

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