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On the World of Warcraft European forums CM/CR crew member Vaneras posted a 2nd developer feedback about the Hunters.

The first post went more about the Itemisation and such. The 2nd post is more about the Hunter’s best friend, the pet.

The following things were said:
– Pet survivability is a concern and being looked at, without overpowering it in PvP.
– Some boss encounters don’t help with Pet survivability, developers agree.
– Crit rating, Hit rating, etc doesn’t affect the pet, but this is working as intended and can possibly change in the future.
– Pet buffs counted as a Rogue or Warrior is being looked at.
– It’s possible the pet screen will also get an overhaul like the old character screen did get.
– It’s not possible to keep a track of the pet’s loyalty, it’s a valid concern but no plans so far.
– Kill command triggering global cooldown is working as intended however developers agree it should be morel ike a pet ability.
– It’s unclear to see which mob resisted your feign death however the developers would like to see this fixed but don’t have any plans yet.
– Pets giving you a player’s kill (IE: Rapid Killing) will be fixed in 2.1.
– Growl giving more aggro when specced Marksmanship while beastmastery isn’t giving as much as MM is a valid concern. It’s unknown how they will address this.
– Hunter DPS compared to other classes DPS are scaling alright. However, they do agree it can be a bit higher. It’s being looked at.
– More scaling for the Hunter is possible but questionable.
– The ammo for Hunters seem to be depleted too fast. This will be looked at.

I myself as a Hunter think the concerns are all correct and hopefully these will be addressed.

You can find the original post here

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