How good would Starcraft Chronicles be?

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This is a question often made by fans who have heard of the unofficial Starcraft Chronicles CGI film.  Kristijan Stuhli simply said: “Watch this Marvel Ultimate Alliance teaser … our CGI film will look better than that!”.  Let’s hope this CGI Team delivers. It would really blast all Starcraft fans off their socks!

Kristijan – CGI Director: “That is somewhat like Starcraft Chronicles the unofficial CGI film. Starcraft Chronicles will maybe be better than that. Blur Studios created that Marvel Ultimate Alliance teaser with around 20 developers.”

Note: Starcraft Chronicles CGI Team consists of 57 modelers. 20 of them are animators(List is not updated, there may be more). Active members counting all teams: 111.  Few still need to get registered on the forum. Total: 125 members. (as of today, and growing)

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