Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to visitors of Blizzplanet, Blizzard Entertainment, to our programmer DarkNemesis, the Modding Communities of Star Alliance, Sovereign Empire, Campaign Creations and WC3Campaigns; and to the folks at Azzor.com our new Hosting.

Big Shout Outs to our Warcraft Lore Forum Community over at RP-PvP.com and its admins Firence and Meara.  Join the forums for some sweet lore discussion.

We don’t want to forget wishing Happy New Year to our great Folks interviewed in the past at Blizzplanet: Richard A. Knaak, Christie Golden, Luke Johnson, Julian Kwasneski and his folks at Basound.com, Mike Huang, Glynnis Talken now under pseudonym Sarah McKerrigan, Bill Roper & Flagship Studios, Jason Hayes and Jeff Grubb.

And why not?  To some of the networks that have supported Blizzplanet’s news:  Bluesnews, Ve3d(IGN), JudgeHype, WCRadio, RPGdot, Gamebanshee, Shacknews, Wow.Stratics, WowVault.IGN, Wow-Europe, Worldofwarcraft.com and others.

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