Graham McNeill @ New York City Book Expo America

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Blizzard Games News, Blizzard Products News, StarCraft 2 News, Starcraft News

Graham McNeill is coming to the Book Expo America to be held this week in New York City through Friday May 29th to Sunday May 31st.  You will find him all three days at Booth 4047 (BL Publishing Games Workshop).  In addition, Graham has a book signing schedule at the same event on Sunday, May 31st at Table 6 between 10am and 11am EST. Make sure to bring your copy of StarCraft: I, Mengsk and any other books written by the author.

Coincidentially, I was planning to go to this event after Insight Editions invited me to the event.  The event organizer told me today how to get my press badge. I will cover the book signing event and get at least 10 copies of I, Mengsk signed by the author for our giveaways.

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