Gamasutra: Wow teaches wrong things

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Gamasutra featured a World of Warcraft article titled: “Soapbox: World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things”.  The analysis sounds very well-thought, and Blizzard should listen to the formula to make the game more successful, with care for its players’ health.  Specially the “time > skill” point of view. I personally ignore news that are a rant, and the article sounds like one.  However, I do appreciate constructive criticism delivered in a respectful way.  And this deserve a mention. Developers like constructive suggestions.  Great read!

“The idea that time > skill has gone from a merely fundamentally bad idea, to being actually dangerous, addicting people to the point of fatigue and death. No wonder China’s new laws about MMOs are addressing this problem. MMO games must only award players full experience points for the first three hours of each day, half experience for the next two hours, and no experience after five hours. (Logging off for at least 5 hours will reset the system.)”

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