Gamasutra: World of Warcraft Logo

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Gamasutra interviewed Hamagami/Carroll principal and co-founder Justin Carroll, delving into the origins of his company’s work in the video game business, and its relationship with major players such as Blizzard.  Hamagami/Carroll company was the creator of all Warcraft logos and other Blizzard games’ logos.

GS: I’m currently looking at your logos for Warcraft, and I was wondering how you came about the look of each logo specifically.

JC: Blizzard is another long-term relationship we’ve had, that connection came through the educational software thing. You asked a question before?what were some of the first packages we did?I think some of the first packages we did were for Warcraft, because we worked with Davidson Associates which was an educational software company and they bought Blizzard, so we started doing those titles because they were a part of Davidson, and that was what segued us into the video game industry?that and our experience in entertainment and toys.

With those logos, we worked directly with the marketing department, but there’s also access to Blizzard people as well. And they are very particular, as with Id. Blizzard and Id are very similar in that they are very into what they do. So everything that you do, a lot of the challenge is just making sure that you’re pleasing the developer, because they’re so immersed in it that anything that’s just not absolutely on the money stands out like a sore thumb. We used to do packaging for all the Blizzard titles, now they do it in-house I believe and we just do the logos. And if you look at the World of Warcraft logo, that’s almost a whole package into itself.

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