Diablo: The Sin War - Scales of the Serpent

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Diablo: The Sin War (book 2)
The Scales of the Serpent

Simon & Schuster Publishing and Blizzard Entertainment bring you Diablo: The Sin War (Book 2) – The Scales of the Serpent.  The book will be available around March 27. Find out what happened 3,000 years before the Darkening of Tristam and the manipulations of Mephisto’s progeny: Lilith. Discover the origin of Sanctuary.  Richard A. Knaak commented during our interview back on October some details of these upcoming book in the trilogy.  You can now pre-order the book.  If you wish to find out more, you can read our interview, the book excerpt of book one: Birthright and the backstory of the Sin War from Diablo 1 Game Manual.

  • Description of Diablo: The Sin War (book 2): Scales of the Serpent.

  • Read our interview with Richard A. Knaak (October) where he confirms the book will impact the storyline of any future Diablo games.
  • Book One: Birthright Excerpt
  • Diablo 1 Game Manual backstory – The Sin War
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