Diablo II: What happened to Baal’s Soulstone?

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Sylvos, one of our forum community members have brought up a very hot topic to our new Diablo forum.  What happened to Baal’s Soulstone?  After Marius removed the fractured soulstone piece off Tal Rasha’s chest, Baal was freed from his imprisonment.  Tyrael quickly sent off Marius with the soulstone fragment to flee and seek help.

However, later on, we see Tyrael visiting some sort of Assylum where Marius is babbling on the floor to himself.  Tyrael convinces him to give up the soulstone piece, and upon handling it … it turned out it was not Tyrael … Baal had deceived him with a clever disguise to make Marius give up the soulstone willingly.  Marius died as Baal set the place in fire as he walked away.

Baal was defeated and Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone … but … what happened to the fractured soulstone that once kept Baal imprisoned?  One single corrupted soulstone could be used for something greater.

According to Angel Izual, he had betrayedHeaven all along.  He had sided with the Primal Evils, and had revealed to them the secrets of the soulstones.  The Primal Evils played along a mastermind plan.  They fooled the Heavenly Host into imprisoning them in Sanctuary.  Their goal … to corrupt the Worldstone.  But, Is the destruction of the Worldstone what the Primal Evils planned all along for a most nefariouos goal?  Could that event unleash a full scale invasion narrowing the gap between the High Heavens and Hell?

What role will Baal’s soulstone play in this enigma? Is Lilith gonna be part of Diablo III storyline?  I recommend reading the recent novel by Richard A. Knaak titled Diablo: The Sin War trilogy. Back on October 2006, Richard A. Knaak teased fans when asking him if the plot of the trilogy novel would impact future Diablo projects … his answer was: “I’m not writing for a dead game, but a game about the dead …”

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