Diablo Archive TPB soon … Is Diablo 3 looming?

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It is not yet listed in United States, but Blizzard Entertainment and Pocketbooks will launch a Trade Paperback of 825 pages titled Diablo Archives. So far it is translated to German and French. It compiles Richard A. Knaak’s Diablo: Legacy of Blood and Mel Odom’s Diablo: The Black Road. If you want to get into Diablo lore either because you like it or if you are new into Diablo game and wish to know more before Diablo III comes out, then this Trade paperback tome will be a good choice.

The rare Diablo: Demonsbane written by Robert B. Marks – the first Diablo book released and only available on PDF nowadays – will be available soon on a Trade paperback titled Blizzard Legends which compiles a book per game: Diablo: Demonsbane, Starcraft Uprising and Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor. With the arrival of these Diablo pocketbook trade paperbacks one wonders if they are heralding the upcoming announcement of Diablo III.

For upcoming Warcraft Trade Paperbacks read our previous Announcement. Check out our Diablo Pocketbook Excerpts section to know more about all available books in the franchise.

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