Diablo 3 - IncGamers Interview with Mike Huang

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IncGamers (Diii.net) interviewed Mike Huang to discuss his experience at Blizzard North and his opinion on the Diablo 3 gameplay video. Does he like the artistic direction? In fact, he does.

Diii.net: Was the original Blizzard North vision of D3 greatly different than D2, or more of an evolution?

Michael Huang: I think it was more of an evolution. I left Blizzard North in 2003, when prototype work was still being laid out, like what classes were going to be in it, and what the environment should be like, and basic storyline stuff. 5 years is a long time in game development, and with all the changes that can occur during that time, I expect to see very little of what I saw 5 years ago end up in the final product.

When I look back on the original design concepts for D2 and the game we shipped, there were a lot of changes that we made inbetween to tweak gameplay and the environments, but the story was basically set. We always knew that we’d be chasing the Wanderer from different areas of the world and having a showdown in Hell.

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