Diablo 3 at BlizzCon 2007 - Blog Article

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I wrote an article for a fellow site blog to hype up Diablo fans.  I have read through forums the feedback of Diablo fans who feel so down after the announcement of Starcraft 2.  I really liked playing through Diablo II and its expansion, and ever since the interview with Richard A. Knaak I became interested in reading Diablo novels.  I just acquired book two of Diablo: The Sin War trilogy.

And I wish to play Diablo 3 whether it is a hack’n slash or a MMO.  The blog article I wrote brings up proof that a Diablo game is in development, and what would happen if Diablo hit the shelves as a MMORPG.  Be prepared for a bit of a novel spoilers. Keep the hype up. Diablo 3 is coming. Digg the article and read it.

Update: CVG Online has highlighted my article..

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