Diablo3.com Announcement - T-Minus 1 Day

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The countdown teaser is reaching its end in 24 hours, and I just wanted to share with Blizzplanet’s audience a few things in case you can’t load this fansite.  Blizzplanet is hosted on Diablo3.com servers, which means nearing May 1 the servers might crash or lag with so many connections served per second.

I recommend everyone to register to the diablo3.com forums with a valid email.
Make sure to unblock @diablo3.com and check your Junk Mail folder in the next two days.

Those who want to sit at the IRC channel may do so at irc.gamesurge.net channel #diablo3

We are making as many preparations as possible so everyone is able to find out what happens on May 1. If you miss any of those backup-means to inform you, don’t worry … half-the-gaming sites on the web will most likely be announcing it too in your favorite language. =)

Don’t forget to tell your family, friends, and online buddies to check out and bookmark Diablo3.com—things are getting interesting.

Don’t worry, I haven’t sold Blizzplanet, and it is not merging. Blizzplanet is considered a sister site of Diablo3.com and I have become co-webmaster of said community which currently spans to 23,299 forum members and growing as I speak.

I will be going to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals along with Kazo (Kazatel) to bring you coverage on behalf of Blizzplanet, Diablo3.com and StarcraftTwo. So make sure to check us back for any photos, info and video we can bring.

UPDATE 4-30: Just in case, I am not a voice actor, and far less a sound editor. That mp3 in the background is me quoting someone from Diablo: The Sin War trilogy, book three: The Veiled Prophet. Those who have read the book, you should go to page 307.

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