Dell / Blizzard XPS Gaming Line Marketing

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A few days ago a fan at the Wow Forums had reported a friend of his who works for Dell gave him a heads up there would be a Dell / Blizzard marketing campaign to introduce a new Dell XPS Gaming line.  I dismissed it, but now it turns out true. Those who subscribe submiting their email will get an exclusive preview a week earlier. The Dell Gaming website section has a World of Warcraft page with a quest window.  When you click “Accept” quest you are prompted:

The alliance between Dell and Blizzard created something beyond epic, something beyond legendary. An enchanted fusion of design and power, tempered to be the definitive World of Warcraft experience.

Join the quest – see it first. Own it first.

Enter your information below and join the epic quest – see it first. Own it first. (A submit your email form).

Be patient.

Your quest has begun – you will receive an exclusive look and chance to take home an epic World of Warcraft experience on 12-04-07. Gear up with three new wallpapers below.

Check it out here.

Dell has mostly focused their marketing for the Home and Business in the past. This changed when Dell acquired Alienware, stepping up into the Gaming PC market.

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