Deathknight—Fake or True ?

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This newspost is pointless since Blizzcon is 24 hours away, but seriously, what is been “leaked” around sounds fake.  Some truths and lies mixed up.

Personally, I can’t see a Alliance Deathknight class.  That so stands out of synch with what the Alliance stands for.  Yet they allow warlocks and … space-demon-looking paladins(Eredar). Still meh … really don’t know how Metzen would justify deathknights for alliance.

On the Horde side, early level 5-10 quests sets you going to talk with a Lich at a lake near Undercity who seems to have broken from the Lich King’s will.  He could probably supply Sylvanas with knowledge to create a rare variant of Deathknight.

Fake or not, I can’t but remember just a few days ago the unveiling of DC Comics action figures.  Remember when I commented this unit looks like a Deathknight?  See the runeblade and all the allegoric skeletal shapes on the knees and shoulders? Still no proof Deathknight class may exist.

Friend from China points out it is a T3 Warrior set, and the Kel’Thuzad weapon loot: “The Hungering Cold”.

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