CVG - Starcraft 2 Hands On Review

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Martin Corda, CVG / PCZone reporter, had the opportunity to visit Blizzard’s new headquarters in Irvine to play Starcraft II hands-on. Read the full Preview.

“Journey with me now to a room rammed with networked machines and games journos at Blizzard’s LA offices.Next to me sits a representative from a German StarCraft fan site, who sobs gently as he strokes the hairy hide of a 3D Ultralisk (a massive Zerg unit), a decade-long wet dream a reality.

For the next two days we’ve been given unrestricted access to the latest multiplayer build of StarCraft II. With Blizzard having already revealed the revamped Terran and Protoss races, we’ve been invited here for a world-exclusive reveal of the game’s final race, the Zerg.”

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